Has anyone ever had their family choose their cheating EX over you ??

I just found out
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Not I. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Extended families are a mixed bag of helpful and infuriating. 

How far past DDay are you?
Wishing everyone here peace and healing!

Female BS Married 18 yrs
DDay 3/7/2017 through 4/2019 and counting. 
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Mine didn't choose my husband over me but they didn't support me either. My mother would say stuff like. I told you... or you should have been more.... My dad said, "thats just part of life" and my sister said to my husband. "Why did you even tell..." My brother was the only one, who asked me how I was doing, how I am coping and if he could do anything to help. He gets along very well with my husband and didn't say what a jerk or anything like that but at least he was trying to comfort me and support me and us not to give up on our marriage. But in general I didn't rely on my family for support but on my support group and a couple close friends. Its a very lonely place, so I am glad you found this group here.
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