It wasn't me that cheated. it was him. I'm not sure I'm getting 100% truth from him and I have tons of questions but feel guilty bringing it up  
He met her in San Diego at a work event. She lives in Arizona he lives in the midwest  They supposedly only talked about work stuff when they met along with a few other people in the same network. he then bought a second phone to talk to her 3 months later. he said he bought it Sept 1st. He said he told her he couldn't talk to her anymore 3 days before my birthday. I found the phone over a week later. I'm struggling with this.  My mind and heart are fighting with each other. This happened right before Thanksgiving. I want to ask more questions because I want the whole truth. He destroyed the phone so I couldn't look at it. I'm sure he left a lot ou . I'm positive he did. He said he liked the attention he was getting from her. That we had "drifted apart" I thought we were happy. We have been together 14 yrs.  Married only 2. No kids together  he has a son 16 yrs old. I need help with this.  
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So am I right in assuming he is saying they only talked, nothing more?  Or do you have evidence that they have been physical?  I am not clear on exactly what has happened and need a bit more info so I can give you some advice.  Apologies if you have told your story elsewhere on here, this is the first post I have seen.
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