Hello guys;
So my wife mentioned to me that she drifted away from me and toward AP because I am not very affectionate toward her; She said that other guys in our family group are so much affectionate and romantic toward their spouse while I was more distant.

She says that she knows that I love her but I do not express it more often like other guys. She says that I come from more conservative family and other guys are more affectionate because of their surrounding and how they grew up.

Problem is most of the guys she was referring to were openly bragging about having relations at work and relations with other girls.

She was/is totally in limerence with her AP; She thinks he is great at everything and guiding in her family and career. He was anchored all our special occasions like birthday, anniversary or vacation Trips; It seemed like I could not go a day without him meeting us when the affair was ongoing; It seems they were more emotionally involved than me. How can this happed?

How can this happen? Is it possible to be affectionate exclusively to spouse? Is this a Group thing? How do I make her see that I love her and I care about her?

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You don’t. You do the 180.  She has chosen her AP, she is doing nothing short of continuing to abuse you. Don’t believe her verbal diarrhea. You DID NOT drive her to cheat. She did that all on her own. The sooner you turn away from her and focus on yourself, the sooner you will fell better. 
Male BS, D-day July 2015, trying to stay out of the dark.....
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Agreed that this case desperately needs the 180...
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