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Heidi wrote:
I don't think it's right to date somebody else within a marriage. I'm not totally sure if she's asking for a separation so she can date, or if she wants to date AND work on reconciliation. After separation / divorce then people are free to date. But to try to do it while actively trying to save a marriage would unleash a whole new set of problems.

Heidi, you are correct, it would unleash a whole new set of problems.  I would say this, these are her words to me and our adult children in which we all are against it and commenting to her about it, but it falls on deaf ears with her.  All i can say as i said above in previous quotes; I am here to stay if and when she looks for me.  Someone asked me, what happens if you meet someone while divorced?  All I can say now and backed up by my prayer request is that our marriage is together, stronger, better, and more Christ like as outlined in scriptures.  It does hurt when i see her respond to other men in a pleasant way while she is unpleasant to me.  Will reacting to it help my cause?  No, it will not.  Eph 5:25 says, "Husands, love your wives even as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it."  The church did not love Christ always, yet, Christ loved the church.  The church committed adultery, not in the sense of what i did, but adultery by leaving Christ and pursing other gods and affections, yet, Christ loved the church.  I will contine to love my BS, work on the marriage, express my love as I need to love her.  Im keeping a promise i made to God and her, I will not leave.
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