Tell me what I should do or think about this.
DH works nights for a merchandise warehouse. Busiest time of year right now. Yesterday he told me the boss needs everyone to work Christmas night (technically Dec 26 at midnight), it's required.
The last few years we had major trust issues. He was going to strip clubs on the sly every week by himself, spending money on private rooms with other women who dance there. Last Christmas after I'd already (rightfully) suspected he'd visited strip club on Dec 23 and caused a huge fight with him about it, he claimed he had to work Christmas night but didn't have to start until after midnight.. Later I learned how to check location history on his phone. It showed he was actually at another strip club from 12am-2:30am that night. He had us leave his parents house a little earlier because he told them he had "work", then spent most of the $250 in Christmas cash they'd gifted him at the club. I felt this was a huge slap in the face.
Now he's telling me he has to work Christmas late night again. Obviously red alarms going off for me. He claims they're making it mandatory for everyone this year, threatening 1 week suspensions without pay for anyone who doesn't show. He swears he'll send me photos or phone video chats showing he's actually at work and clocking in. Even if he "proves" he's working, I feel opposed to him going in. Am I wrong? Or is he likely lying? I feel that even if he really is at work, last year's episode is a trigger enough for me, a trigger I don't need to be reminded of. We've gone through quite a lot of ordeals involving infidelity and intensive marriage counseling in the last year. I told him he needs to prioritize his marriage by not working that night. Am I right or wrong?
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At this point there are things that are going to happen that you have no control over..... he is going to work..... and YES it IS a trigger but this is where you will find your strength !!!!  Have him txt or call you.  My WH txt me 2x a day no matter what because I ask him to.  I ask him to TXT me 1 thing he loves about me and in turn I txt him 1 thing I love about him.  It helps put the both of you in a good frame of mind.  Give it a try !!!! It always puts a smile on my face and I think it will help you too during this trying time.  
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