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Keepabuzz - if I could have liked your update more than once, I would have.  Congratulations!  It is refreshing to read that someone is making a better life out of a tragedy.  Enjoy your day!
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Keepabuzz wrote:
Today, well today is going to be a good day.....

That there speaks volumes. 

Our anniversary post D-Day#1 she asked me what we were going to do and said she knew it would be tough for me.  I simply asked her to leave me alone that day and not speak of it.  That day totally sucked.  The next time our anniversary rolls around it will be post D-Day#2.  I am hoping that the word "anniversary" is not even brought up and it will just be another day.  When and "if" we come to a day of proper healing and renew our love for each other I envision a new anniversary date will be born.
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Happy Anniversary Keepabuzz!! What a difference time makes. We celebrated our 15 year anniversary about 7 months after DD. I wouldn't say we celebrated but we did have a nice dinner. We plan on going all out for our 16th though. Enjoy your day and enjoy your wife.
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I hope you have a good day, Keepa.
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Have a great day!!  I hope to look back with gratitude on where we are in a few months.  I can see marked improvement but I want more and won't settle for less anymore.
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