I had lunch with my friend today, who informed me that my partner had stayed in a hotel with the other woman. My partner has only stayed away for one night and I repeatedly asked him about this night and he said he was just seeing a friend from out of town. I looked through his emails txts etc to no avail. I even confirmed that she was in attandance at work- and she was but it was at a conference in the same town my partner was in.
He initially said it was all a lie and that she just happened to be in the same town, then it changed to he walked her to her hotel and said goodbye. I was not buying again and it changed to her coming up for a drink, I threatened to leave at this point if he didn't come clean. He told me they kissed and held each other. I asked for the truth again and he said that she sat on top of him grinding they kissed and that he wasn't into it so asked her to leave. His maintaining this... The thing is I know it's bs. I'm 3 months past dday I thought I had the full truth. I just want the whole truth. How do I get it?
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Maybe this will be of some help to you. It's a chapter from the affair healing manual I'm writing. (Yes, I WILL finish it one day!)
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This chapter is very helpful! Thanks for sharing it!
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