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I should add that I would move if we could afford it. But the upside is that were using all of our disposable income to support me in my new horse back riding endeavors!
D day June, 2016
ws affair: 18 months sexual affair plus 2 years emotional affair after. Ow 20 yrs old; WS 60
live in Texas
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Damaged wrote:

 Have you watched the Marie Kondo series? Basically, if an item doesn’t “ bring you joy” get rid of it! 

 After D day 1 I tried on my 26 year old wedding dress. My plan was to alter it into a more modern look and wear it to renew our vows. Well D day 2 came. I threw the dress on the floor and stomped on it. I proceeded to tear off the seed pearls. Then came the sleeves. I finally just ripped it to shreds. Then I moved on to all my other wedding item. I put the cake topper and toasting flutes in a bag and swung as hard as I could on the driveway. That felt good! I threw out everything but our wedding pictures ( as there were pictures of my deceased parents). The only thing I regret is what will I say  if my daughter asks to use something that I had for her future wedding. Otherwise I don’t miss any of that stuff at all!


that must have felt amazing!! I took great satisfaction in tearing apart my wedding photo album and burning it. (It does exist digitally on Shutterfly if I ever want it again). 

I still have the Vera wang dress from my first wedding... if you want to give it to your daughter and claim it was yours ;-)
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Thank you Farmgirl . Very kind of you but she would know that the dress isn’t mine!
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