Submissions to the "Recommended Resources" will be reviewed before they appear in the forums. Contact us at community@affairhealing.com if you have any questions. Please follow the following guidelines...

Recommendations should be limited to products and services related to healthy recovery from infidelity. Submissions that are too far off the mark will be rejected. For example, although we know that maintaining good diet and exercise is important in any type of personal recovery, promotions for fitness training or diet supplements would not be acceptable in this forum.

Inform, Don't Sell
The purpose of this forum is to encourage and help its members. Your submitted content should contribute to that purpose and not simply be an advertisement. One quick way to destroy this forum is by turning it into a marketing platform. We won't let that happen.

Guidelines for USERS of products & services:
  • Please recommend products/services you have found to be useful to you. We encourage you to give an explanation of how you were personally helped.
  • Links to products & services are acceptable, but they should not contain affiliate links (code that allows you to gain some profit from the sale of that product/service).
  • Attachments may be uploaded, as long as you have the rights or permission to do so. (Promotional content provided by the provider should be fine.)
Guidelines for PROVIDERS of products & services:
  • If you provide a product or service that is targeted toward helping the recovering community, feel free to post to this forum.
  • We encourage the uploading of free content, even if it is a sample of the full product or service you provide.
  • We discourage the use of any marketing tactics that are manipulative or deceptive. Please respect the other members of this forum.
  • Attachments may be uploaded, as long as you have the rights or permission to do so.
Products and services presented in this forum reflect the views and experiences of others, not necessarily those of Tim Tedder or AffairHealing.com. Our intent is to provide a forum for a wide variety experiences, even though they may differ from our own viewpoint or recommendations. We reserve the right to reject submissions that violate these guidelines or seem contrary to healthy recovery.
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