I came across the following short article that offers suggestions for those who get "stuck in grief" following a divorce:

Stuck In Grief Article

Additionally, the author gives a recommended reading list of 7 books that you may find helpful.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

7 Tools for Getting on the Other Side of Your Divorce Grief

Those who get on the other side take advantage of a combination of at least three of the following seven tools:

  1. They read books to help them sort out their experience and their feelings/reaction to the experience;
  2. They have a strong support network that will go the distance with them (often friends and family are available for a couple of months but then you may feel like you’re a downer all the time or that you’re burdening them (or they stop taking or returning your calls!);
  3. They journal;
  4. They seek professional help;
  5. They join a support group;
  6. They allow themselves to be where they are and they don’t try to rush through the grief process or pretend to be further along than they are;
  7. They want to feel better (this one may seem obvious but it's crucial to getting better!).
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Thanks Tim!! Just read the article ...it was very good. I know I'm doing a couple of things (have the strong support network & the counseling with you) on this list but I think trying to do more would be helpful. I'm long overdue for journaling so perhaps it's time to finally start especially if it can help "move the pain out of your brain" like the article mentioned. I'd like to see the pain go elsewhere! Will look into the recommended books as well.
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