First of all, he quotes bible verses to justify his actions, but in a way to justify that "his actions" are good and not Christ actions as being good......  for example, "it is better to marry than to burn"......he uses that quote to justify his actions to "remarry his mistress".......  in reality that bible verse is referring to UNMARRIED people not to married couples.

Second of all, he says he doesn't want to be with this mistress anymore.  Well, the reason is because she is so jealous of him when he talks to other women.  She is also foul mouth.  She actually cheated on him while he was having the affair with her.  She is unloving.  She is only interested in collecting child-support from him (she can't afford a sperm donor).  He sleeps with her as if she could be pregnant, but yet he doesn't want her to be pregnant.

Why Why Why Why is my husband so BRAINLESS when dealing with this mistress.  HE is NOT a christian in his behaviour.  She doesn't need his sex.  She is using him like a sex-slave toy!!!!

I explain to my husband, DO NOT SPEAK TO HER.  DO NOT TOUCH HER.  If he doesn't listen to this advice and 12 days to see if she is or isn't pregnant are over, our relationship may not be able to continue because he is literally a confused "dick"
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Do I understand correctly that your husband is still involved with his mistress? You speak about them in the present tense as in "He sleeps with her", "She is using him", "He doesn't want to be with his mistress anymore, "She is so jealous".

If this is the case, and you say, "Our relationship may not be able to continue," then you are allowing and enabling him. Obviously he is not a man of much integrity, so he doesn't seem to want to do the right thing anytime soon. The OW is hoping to become pregnant with his child and you are encouraging him to wait and see if she is?

You all sound pretty disfunctional. I believe you are worth more than to be a standby wife. But you must demand more respect. Of course he isn't going to make a decision anytime soon, because he doesn't have to. You are living in an affair triangle and you are allowing it to continue. I think it is time for an ultimatum. Either he becomes a faithful partner again, immediately, in order to even attempt a reconciliation, or you will no longer be his wife in any sense.

You are living in adultery along with them. Stop it. Now.
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