Counselor Linda MacDonald created this self test to help identify the early signs of a relationship becoming inappropriate, possibly becoming an affair. She gives us full permission to offer it here. (Revision uploaded 5/30/15)
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Good indicators. Wish I seen this about 8 months ago. Thanks TT.
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Wow! My husband brought home a "friend" he met from an international trip, and she was visiting our city. I didn't suspect anything unusual with this request because we are very hospitable people. We both went to pick her up, and he acted like he was on crystal meth as soon as he saw her. After 5 days, I snooped, and read his email. They were extremely flirtatious. After I confronted him, he still continued to minimize by stating that she was a "friend". To cut a long story short, he kept his narrative of "oh, I enjoyed writing those emails", I didn't mean anything by that. He continued with that line in front of our marriage therapist. Then 5 months after D-Day, he let on that he was "attracted" to her.  He didn't do much recovery work. I read every relevant book on affairs that I could lay my hands on, watched lots of videos, etc. After 24 months, he finally came clean. I wish I had seen this assessment 24 months ago! I felt like I was going crazy - being too jealous, etc.
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