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TimT wrote:
 That's why it's like a drug addiction... a sober person has to recognize that the "high" experience is a real thing, and the addict needs to realize how destructive it is.

This is so so true. I will have to see if I can find this article I read a few months ago and submit it to the forum if I can find it. Its an article that explains how the same pleasure centers of the brain that light up for alcoholics and drug users...are the same ones that light up with affairs and sexual addiction.
   Which helped explain the addictive behavior in my WS and the EX-AP, as my husband was going on three months sobriety and she was an active alcoholic when the affair started. At that time my husband also fell of the wagon and started drinking with her. They because addicted to the affair because of the feelings of pleasure it induced.
   I am not excusing it....but it does help bring in insight.
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 The affair will create the most euphoic highs and heart wrenching lows… that not even the purest class A drugs could ever come close to it.

It was easy to get into the affair but getting out of it was possibly one of the hardest things I have ever done. The pain was unbearable not necessarily because you are in love with your affair partner or tho I thought I was, but because you love you. When you’re around that person you feel beautiful, attractive, smart… Absolutely bullet proof. I think if you could put this in a bottle it would simply be the most addictive drug on earth. I think ending the affair is so hard because you feel you lose that part of you that you loved so much… like a lead character in a movie. It didn’t really exist… Ouch.

Arizon, thanks for digging up some gems of topics.  

This helped me understand more.  I kinda felt addicted to the "falling in love" feeling.  But I think she has it more right here....  But your love for "you...  around that person you feel beautiful, attractive and smart.  Bullet proof"  

Yep that sums it up.  Bullet proof.  

Not a justification, just interesting to try and figure out the why. 
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