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sunflower07 wrote:
I think my husband finally stopped after I disclosed the affair to her husband. We had a major blow out end of July and I moved everything out of the bedroom!! Everything! I left and my husband went crazy!! He begged me to come home said he would do whatever he needed to do to make it up to me. And i think he is doing it.

Yesterday, he told me that he heard that dude #2 she had the affair with is getting a divorce. Well, I'm thinking that she must be hooking up with him if her husband kicked her out. I don't really care!

I'm sorry your husband still talks to her. Maybe it's a habit? I know my husband was like that. And it took him a long time to break the habit.

Happy Birthday!! You deserve a great day!!


Thank you so much, I did have a great day [smile]

The hard part is that he travels for work. Lately he has been working 10 days and home 4 days. His AP has a child but was never married and she didn't care that he was married. I did talk to her a few times but she was nothing but rude. She told me I was horrible to him and so many other mean things that made me laugh because she doesn't know me but believed him and his lies. Plus her family was okay with her seeing him, her mother told my husband that he needed to move on from me and his family. I told him to go but to truly forget about us here. It's funny because I asked him what it was that made him happy and he said our kids but even funnier that he never saw them while he was in the thick of his affair and mind you like I told his AP how can you love someone that you don't know, she argued and told me she knew him in High School, he wanted to be single like he was a kid with no responsibilities. He told me that when he told her he couldn't see her anymore she begged him to leave me and his words to me were "remember when you and we're dating and we stopped talking for a while and you still called me, it's hard for her and she still calls me" I was like but you were single and I was single, you were not married and we were young.... I was like did he just say that? I'm hoping it stops and like Urban and your husband, I'm thinking it might take a while for it to wear off and not make it a habit.
Thank you Sunflower this is a journey no matter what direction we choose to take. I'm glad your Husband saw the light and came around.
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