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That is horiffic. I am glad that your family got some closure. It must have been devastating to your daughter to not be believed when she was telling the truth.

I know it is hard to pinpoint a moment where mental illness started but I would say that discovering your mother was having an affair and then being told that you where lying might well have lead to mental instability, a loss of grip on reality and a downward spiral. Sh*t.

I gave your wife the benefit of the doubt because I can see where she MIGHT have been coming from.

But that is sheer selfishness.

Lawyer up, this looks to be an unpleasant ride.
I wish you and your family much strength. It sounds like this well be a very difficult, but possibly healing time for your family.

In spite of all this I feel for your wife, she is very ill and does not actually know how ill she is. I know that she does not have any right to have sympathy, but please tell me that she has some support structure to guide her through the consequences of all of the stupidest choices that she well now have to like with. It should not be you, but she well need it, even if she does not reality deserve compassion.
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