I posted a while back about my DIL having an affair and I wasnt sure how to handle it because if his condition.

He gets upset and thinks hes perfectly fine and dosent need to see anyone. When he asks "why do you think I need to go ?" I say " Because I know you were born with this and it can affect you in different ways in life when dealing with situations if you dont get some kind of treatment or counseling "

I was careful not to let his stubborness get to me . Last thing Id want to do is let it slip out (while arguing with him) about the DIL's affair in his CURRENT state. He will break down I think.

I cant force him to go and I just jate for him to deal with me telling him without any mental help first.

 I dont what to do now. I know I cant just sit back and hear about my sons wife having sex with the "GC"

Advice ??

What to do ??
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Yours is a particularly difficult position.  I can only tell you what I would do (without knowing your son personally) - I would go see a doctor/therapist that specializes in his condition MYSELF and explain the situation and ask their professional opinion on how best to handle it.  
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