Navigating the Forum

Navigating Using Desktop View
In the top bar located at the top of every forum page, you'll see a navigation string that shows your current location. If you look now, you should see this: Forums > Forum User Guide > Managing Posts. Your current location will always be shown in bold (the "Managing Posts" topic, in this instance). You can click on any previous link to move to that section of the forum.

Click the "Forums" link on any page to move to the front page of the forum.

You can also use the "Quick Navigation" menu near the bottom-right of any page to move directly into any forum.

Navigating Using Mobile View
From the front page of the forum, simply click on any topic to move into that topic's menu. Continue this selection until you get to your desired topic/post.

To move backward, simply click the navigation button at the top of your screen. You'll eventually find your way back to the front page. You can move quickly to the front page by selecting "Forums" from the drop-down menu.

See a list of the most recent topics posted by selecting "Latest Topics" from the drop-down menu.

Creating Topics/Posts

At times, Administrators may set the forum to require review/approval before a submitted comment is posted publicly to the forum. Also, post by New Members may require review until they have established a reputation as a legitimate contributor to the Community (not spam).

Some areas limit your ability to create new topics or post a comment. Otherwise, here's how you contribute to the forums:

Creating a New Topic
If you want to start a new discussion, enter the appropriate forum and create a new topic.

Desktop: Click on the appropriate forum area and then click on the "New Topic" tab above the lists of topics that already exist. Give your topic a subject title that allows users to easily identify the focus of your discussion. Enter your message and then click the "Save" button.

Mobile: Click into the appropriate forum and then select the "Compose" link at the bottom of your screen. Give your topic a subject title that allows users to easily identify the focus of your discussion. Enter your content and then click the "Post New Topic" button.

Note: Before you start a new topic (especially if it's a question), search the forum to see if a conversation about that issue already exists and add your input to it.

Creating a New Post
As long as a topic is open, you can post your reply by clicking on the Reply tab at the top of the post, or (on Desktop) adding your reply to the "Reply to this topic" window at the bottom of the page. If a topic has been locked, then you can only read the posts but cannot add to them.

Posts vs New Topics
Navigating a forum becomes more confusing if users answer a topic by posting a new topic. If you are responding to a topic that already exists, use the "Reply" function as described above to create a new post. If you want to start a whole new conversation (with a comment, question, etc.), then follow the instructions above to create a new topic.

Editing & Formatting

You can use the menu bar at the top of the editor window to edit and format your posts. Please avoid the common mistake of making your posts unappealing by writing in styles or sizes that are distracting.

Mobile interface will only allow you to enter unformatted text. Using the Desktop editing tools, you can:
  • change font styles
  • change font sizes
  • change font colors
  • bold, italic, underline
  • justify text: left, centered, right
  • created bullet lists and numbered lists
  • create links to other websites
  • insert pictures
  • insert videos from popular providers like YouTube
  • create quote boxes (Click the quote icon and put your text between the pair of brackets. Once you save your post, you'll see it displayed properly.)
  • insert common emoticons
  • spellcheck
Quoting Another Post
You can quote all or part of another post and then adding your reply by doing the following...

Desktop: Click the pencil icon that appears above any post. That will instantly put the entire post between two quote tags that look something like this:
Username wrote:
The quoted text...
. When you save your post, the quote will be formatted differently.

Mobile: Click the "Quote menu selection that appears at the bottom of the post you want to quote. Add your comment after (or before) the text that appears.

You can edit the quote to make it shorter. This is often helpful when you're quoting a long post. Simply delete the unwanted text and leave the portion that best represents what you are responding to. Be sure to leave both quote tags unedited (one at the beginning and one at the end). If you edit these or delete a bracket, your quote will not format correctly.

If you quote a post that itself had one or more quotes in it, things get a bit more complicated. I recommend talking out all quote tags except the first and last ones and deleting all other quoted text from between these two tags. Try to edit the quote down to the sentence or paragraph that best describes what you are responding to.

Uploading Attachment Files

In an effort to control spamming, we have decided to limit file uploads to only certain forums. Recommended Resources is an example of a forum that allows members to add uploaded files to posts.

Please be sure that you have permissions/rights to any file you upload. Copyrighted material should not be uploaded unless you created the content or have been given specific permission by the content creator. We will remove inappropriate content.

Reading/Following Posts

Identifying New Posts
Desktop: Gold stars indicate posts that have not been seen/read by you. A gold star next to a forum or topic means there is at least one post in that thread that you have not read. 

You can easily clear all stars in a forum by clicking on the "Mark Forum Read" button that appears at the bottom of the forum page. If you are on the forums main directory page (where all forums are listed), clicking the "Mark Forums Read" button near the bottom of the page will clear all stars in every forum, so only new posts from that time forward will generate an "unread" star.

Mobile: Bold topic titles will indicate the presence of posts that have not been seen/read by you. You can click on the "Mark Read" icon at the bottom of any topic to mark that entire topic as read. You can easily remove bold titles in the entire forum by opening the menu and selecting "Mark All Read." Only new posts from that time forward will generate a bold topic title. 

Controlling How Posts are Sorted
When you click on a topic, you will see a listing of all the comments/posts underneath it. You can control whether you see the oldest post at the top, or see the newest post at that top. The advantage of viewing the posts with oldest at top (Ascending order) is that you can scroll down and read the thread in the order the comments were written. The advantage of viewing posts with the most recent on top (Descending order) is that you can quickly read the newest posts.

To change the order in which you view posts, click on the Control Panel tab, then select the Preference tab, and make your desired selection in the "Order Posts:" option. Be sure to click the "Update" button if you change your preference.

  • Ascending order: Oldest posts are displayed first (top of list).
  • Descending order: Newest posts are displayed first.

Liking a Post
(Desktop Only) If you find any post helpful or interesting, you can "like" it by clicking on the "thumbs up" icon located at the bottom of the post. This helps encourage the writer and raises the level of that post.

Subscribing to a Forum or Topic
Subscribing to a forum will allow you to receive an email notification when there is a new or updated topic in that forum. A forum subscription can be set for daily or weekly updates. (For example, you might want to subscribe to the "Free Downloads" forum to make sure you're notified when any new downloadable content is made available.) A topic subscription will not give you this option, but will notify you whenever that topic is updated.

 Subscribe on Desktop
  1. Click the title of the forum you want to subscribe to.
  2. Click the Subscribe image located toward the bottom of the page.
  3. In the menu that opens, select the Email Notification Type of your choice.
Subscribe on Mobile
  1. Click the title of the forum you want to subscribe to.
  2. Click on the Share tab.
  3. Select the Subscribe option.
  4. In the menu that opens, select the Email Notification Type of your choice.

Reuse of Posts

Any original content uploaded as attachments to this site will be considered to be the property of its author/creator, granting us rights to share it within the AH Community. We will discontinue distribution of any such item upon the request of its author/creator.

Messages/posts created in the AH Community forum, whether submitted by members, moderators, or administrators, belongs to the AH Community. Members have the right to delete their posts, but topics cannot be deleted by members. We respect privacy and use of information, but retain the right to reproduce any post or comment into other sections of this forum, pages on AffairHealing.com, or other resources produced by Tim Tedder, LMHC, NCC.

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