To help this forum continue to be a helpful resource to its members, I'm looking for volunteers. If you meet the qualifications below and are interested in helping out, read more information and submit the form on the Community Forum Volunteers page. Thank you for your consideration!

Looking for Forum Members Who...
  • Have been active and posting in the forum for at least 3 months, demonstrating an attitude of help/support to others.
  • Understand that this forum is a place where anyone who wants help/healing can come, regardless of their role in an affair.
  • Are in agreement with our Good Behavior Policy (which probably needs to be updated).
  • Will give consistent time to the forum each week and recommend replacements for their volunteer role if/when they are ready to leave the forum.
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The problem I have is recommending a replacement as I don't "know" anyone personally.  Think I meet the other requirements although I have been known to lack the "sugar coating" skill of a true diplomat!
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