"Julia and Rick" are available to interact with questions and comments about their experience. They are not counselors; they are people with a story to tell, willing to share it with you. Please consider them as such, not as professional therapists providing counsel for your specific situation.

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It's amazing to be in this life I am living almost 5 years later. Since then, we have a marriage that is something I had only dreamed of before. Don't get me wrong: we still have challenges like any other couple, we still argue, etc but finally we have a real marriage where the lines of communication are open and we are partners and teammates in this thing. It is so wonderful.

I never thought I could love my husband like I do now or that I would ever be able to forgive him, let alone have a marriage that functioned normally, and still be married after all we went through. In the midst of it, when the truth came out, I never thought I would ever be in the place I am today. Forgiveness happened, healing happened, communication happened, and real change occurred. Honesty and communication is the foundation of our marriage and it has given both of us a love for each other that is so much deeper than we ever had before.

2 years ago, we had our little boy. It was a conscious decision to start a family on both our parts and it brings tears to my eyes and an ache in my heart to think what we could have missed out on had we both not been committed to change, to forgiveness and to love. It was worth every tear, every heartache, to witness grace and forgiveness in action and see what happens when we are willing to lean in and allow it to change us. It's an amazing thing.

5 years later, the sting is gone, and we can talk freely about that period of time with peace, with thankfulness and gratitude for what has happened since, and also have had the opportunity to help and give hope to many marriages that need encouragement, that need someone to come alongside them that knows there pain, and be there for them to give them hope. And hopefully, between cleaning up sippy-cup spills and kissing "boo-boos," I hope I can help in some way here as well. ;-)
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