Hello, my husband was involved in a  very political ordeal at his company. He had to resign with 3 other people or face years of lawsuits.
This happened in December. He was a very powerful & successful man whose career was intricately intertwined with his identity.

I read about his affair in the newspaper. He immediately said that he didn't sleep with her.  In the months that have passed I found out bits & pieces- little nuggets of info about this woman. Bottom line, now i know he had an affair. He has been lying to to me for the past months. He says that he is not ready to tell me everything. I feel need to know all.
He wants to atone, he's sorry and wants to move on. The woman has finally been cut off (or so he says).
Now I have to decide if I should confort & support him so he can be strong enough to rebuild his career. He has been demolished emotionally and feels like he lost his identity. 
But i feel lost, depressed & totally confused.
should I focus on helping him rebuild? Then work on us? Or continue to push him through the hell we need to go through to get through this as a couple?
any advice is welcome.
i loved the podcast with Linda McDonald, but her site doesn't work. Do you know of another? 
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Linda's website didn't use to be locked. It may be a temporary error. I emailed her to let her know, so maybe it will be fixed soon. 

Regarding your marriage, don't put recovery on hold. Even if you cannot give full attention to it now, you both should be getting help together asap. If you do not, it will likely be more difficult to adequately address the wound in the future. Her husband will likely be more resistant, not less, to deal with the matter as time passes. 
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