To post your story, start a "New Topic" in this Tell Your Story forum. (If you simply want to comment on someone else's story, post a reply to that topic.)

We want members to have wide freedom in posting their stories here, but we ask that these guidelines be strictly followed:

Protect Privacy
You should never post any information (names, locations, titles, etc.) that would reveal your identity or violate anyone's confidentiality. You only have the right to tell YOUR story. You should make changes to \ names/places/events in order to maintain confidentiality.

Avoid Graphic Narratives
This is an adult forum, but it is intended for recovery, not titillation. Conversations about affairs will certainly address sexual issues, but care should be taken to avoid graphic descriptions of sexual acts. It's appropriate to say "she gave him a blow job in bathroom" but inappropriate to describe the act in vivid detail.

Not for Sale
This purpose of this forum is to tell your story, not to sell a product or service. Recovery products or services can be submitted to the appropriate Resources forum.
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