Hello there guys;
So, it happened to my wife; She became infatuated and fell in Emotional affair with her extended cousins husband; everything is finished with that cousin Now.

Yet, how do I move forward? Before we would always have common friends and cousins we hang out and do activity with; but, now I question myself about how to move forward.

I want to get involved in my community and do activity with my other cousins and friends but my wife is totally shut down; She says that I am codependent on her to find new friendships and because of what happened she will not introduce her new friends at work.

Is it good idea to have separate friendships in marriage? or is it better to find common friendship where both spouse get involved in activity and fun stuff?
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I have read some books about making sure that your friends are "friends of the marriage". I think its okay to have some different friends but really its just like making new friends normally. Pick up a new hobby, go to new places.
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