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Im staying because before this he was a model husband
  I married him for a reason and he married me for a reason.  We have a family and a house together.
And when i discoveered the affair he was immediately unburdened.  He was GLAD to be rid of the secrecy and the lie.  It has been 4.5 mo ths since dday and we had to hit rock bottom to come up.  We are on our way up.
I vowed myself to him in sickness and health.  Right now he is sick and wants me to help him be better.

I dont post on here much anymore.  Ive joined affair recovery .com and i spend alot of time there.the youtube videos with samuel really helped me. 
Good luck!

iris0906 wrote:

I am reading all your posts and suddenly I don't feel so alone. I went to other forums that were so angry and vengeful. Then those that put all the blame on themselves. I find both too extreme. 
This never mentioning the OW is exactly like my husband. I adored him, too. Until the 1st affair happened. Then I went back to adoring him then the 2nd one happened.
I also still can't believe this is happening...
What made you stay?
What made the rest stay?
Sexual affair
Married 5.5 yrs
Affair 10/14/17- 11/4/17 
Dday 11/10/17
Welcomed 2nd daughter 12/13/17
I was 32 weeks pregnant
OW was my closest FRIEND
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