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It really doesn’t matter what his “opinion” is. It just doesn’t. You set your own boundaries. 

Yes! A few weeks ago my husband sent me a text around lunch time saying, “I’m going to Red Robin with *insert two female co workers names*” It was an impromptu business lunch. I texted him back asking, “are you asking for permission or forgiveness? I’m pretty sure this is a clear violation of what I’m comfortable with. I’m not okay with this.”

he turned his car around and came home for lunch, cancelling the lunch, and apologizing for his thoughtlessness. I was still so negatively triggered by it, it rocked me way more than I expected it to. But, he handled it well at the end of the day. Lesson learned. 
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2/11/18, d day #1. 
1/2019, d day #2.
Over a decade of unfaithfulness. 
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