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Ugh and a good day can go down a toilet in a New York minute...

Bro-in-law in town and works with my WS so we went to a local Mexican restaurant and as we sit there I look over my shoulder and see that the OW and her daughter are sitting in the bar.  Freaking great.  I held my head up high but dammit I did not need that today. or any day. or any year.  I know wishing bad karma on someone will land me in Karma hell too but since I'm still in the range of hell from dday...bring it on.  

His OW is married and has had 5 affairs in 5 years all with married it's a game to her.  I held my head high and walked out when done eating but it cost me.  My peace of mind and the hope I had above were damaged but I'm fighting back.
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Those days really suck. I'm sorry you had to go through that. But sounds like you handled it like a champ! It's so awful how a day can turn to misery in an instant.
Male BS, D-day July 2015, trying to stay out of the dark.....
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To change this discussion back to the positive place...what are things that you do that do help influence your days?  This could for the WS or BS and in any state of recovery..

1.  I have 2 gratitude journals that I use at night.  It has helped alleviate or lesson bad dreams.  I force myself to find something good in the days.  One is more of a guided book the other is just anything.  I also try counting breathes to 100 if my mind won't shut down.  This seems to help and led me to #4 below.

2.  My family has started doing highs and lows at dinner time every meal.  It has been amazing to watch us all share what has gone well in our days. 

3.  I started to run.  I need to make sure it stays at a healthy place for me but it makes me feel stronger afterwards

4.  I am researching and taking an online course on MBSR

Sadly I tried everything but running last night after seeing OW.  It didn't work but I survived so I guess that is something.

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