its been several years since d day and I really thought we are well on our way to recovery I just discovered my husband has a secret email account what should I do?
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Okay, sorry for asking, and I am asking sure that maybe it is the shock but your post does not indicate what the secret email has in it.

Have you accessed it and seen something, Have you confronted your husband?

I only mention this because I personally Have three, no four "secret email", except they are not really secret. My husband just probably does not know about them.

They are from various work things I started wanted to run on a non personally email and they got bored of.

Not even sure I remember any of the passwords. And I definitely dont use they to contact My ex AP or anything else.

Don't leap to conclusions, unless Perhaps there is something that you didnt mention besides the secret email addresses.

If there is more then I understand that this is devastating. But If not, Perhaps give all of the work you Have done some benefit of the doubt. I would at a bare minimum ask your husband about it and to give you full access.
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You have a point however I was able to get into the account on his phone nothing there so I sent a test message to that account and it showed up on his phone.  Irfan it there went back to his phone and it was deleted he never mentioned it to me.  We specifically had the open book conversation and I asked for any email accounts I may not know about he said none.  He is lying not sure why. He knows the message is from me.
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I would encourage you to have an open and honest conversation with your husband. You could ask him to explain the account and also let him know how this triggers your fears and insecurities based on his past behavior. It could be nothing or it could be something but you will drive yourself crazy with the not knowing. If he is doing the work and committed to recovery, then he will be open to showing you the account if needed. He may not like being checked up on but he should be willing to do it anyways.
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Hello Broken,

Why play a cat and mouse game with your husband? If the two of you are reconciled, and in a trusting relationship, it behooves him to prove to you (and reassure you) that he is not messing around. In your place, I would just straight out ask him about a test email you sent to an account you believe he may be hiding, only to have it "missing" from his phone. Ask him to explain why. What do you have to lose? 

Perhaps you are wrong, and it could usher in a discussion about your triggers, or perhaps he is hiding something, and it at least gives you guys a chance to get it out into the open. 

Relationships die when there is no trust. If he is hiding something, and your bat radar is going off, don't be afraid to find out. Be afraid of not finding out, then discovering it the same way you did when D-Day hit.

He came back, and promised you, so hold him accountable to that promise.
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I think if I discovered that my wife (WS) had an email account that I was previously unaware of but discovered I would say this: "Hey babe its probably nothing, but can you tell me about the email account X@X?  It makes me feel safe and connected to you when we share this kind of stuff together.  And if there's anything like this you ever want to ask me please do.   

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In a non affair situation all very innocent. Once the AF threshold crossed, can’t be so obtuse to plead ignorance. I’m a little sensitive since my WS said she recently got a lot of spam on her gmail account and
subsequ deleted it. I asked her point blank if AP had contacted her on gmail? She denied. I had access to gmail but was not checking EVERY day anymore since I was trusting her more.
she also continue to give me access to phone but recently regularly deletes web history-haven’t confronted her yet but spidery senses tiggling .
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Mine would be too. It’s also unfair for a WS to act like “lots of people do that, no big deal”, after what they have done, it’s a great big deal. It certainly would be for me. I told my wife if my spidey senses ever started going off, I would be gone and that is was up to her to ensure they never did because I will forever trust my gut over her word. 
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