Hi everyone,

I just wanted to check-in with the forum with all the worry of a pandemic swirling around us. We are all in uncharted territory and I know if you are anything like me, anxiety has increased as we adjust to this new normal. What is even more difficult, is trying to be healthy while also healing from infidelity. I wanted to give a list of things to do to make sure you are still giving attention to your own individual health and healing during this time. I would love to hear you ideas as well!

1. Exercise-We all know the benefits of physical activity. There are many free online workouts and yoga sessions available if you cannot get outside.
2. Play-It's not just for kids. There are adult coloring books, paint-by-numbers, etc you can find. Play with play-doh, kinetic sand, or legos for a fun distraction. You do not need to be a parent to do these things!
3. Connect- Reach out to family and friends for virtual happy hour just to chat. There are platforms like Zoom that can connect you to multiple people at the same time. We are not meant to go through this alone! Many counselors offer video or phone sessions during this time. If finances are a concern, check and see if they offer a sliding scale or scholarship.
4. Spiritual Practice-Start or re-start connecting with nature or a higher power. Start your day with meditation, prayer, or devotionals. 
5. Hobbies- Use the extra time to do things that make you happy. 
6. Napping- If you are not sleeping well, try to take a short nap during the day to re-charge you. This is my favorite option.

I know these are not new ideas but try and fit some into your day to stay sane when dealing with additional stress and worry. 
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