I really think my marriage needs one.  Anyone been to one?  What is it like?  Did it help? 
You can private message me if you want.  Thanks so much.
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Did you ever get a reply? I know of a marriage conference coming up and was thinking of going. However, an intense retreat has crossed my mind. Just wondering if you heard anything good or beneficial about it.
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There are some good retreat programs out there and each has their own strengths. We offer retreats that are focused on only one couple at a time. (See for more info.)

As you go "shopping" for a retreat program, here are a few things to ask:
  • Is this a group retreat, or are we the only couple you will be working with?
  • How much of the retreat will be customized for our particular needs?
  • What kind of follow-up is there?
  • Is this a faith-based program? What does that mean?
  • Who will be working directly with us? What are their qualifications?
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