Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mother’s on here that have had to sacrifice way more than you ever should have had to for your kids, and to those Mother’s on here that have done terrible damage to their kids, and are working hard to change and heal themselves to repair that damage and be the Mother’s that their kids deserve. 
Male BS, D-day July 2015, trying to stay out of the dark.....
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Thank you very much Keep!! 
You are so thoughtful!!! 
Have a great day…enjoy your family!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow warriors!! 💐
D-Day#1 Dec 19, 2017
D-Day#2 Jan 13, 2018
5 year “on/off affair”

Married 25 years, together 35
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Thanks Keep! I think being a BS parent is the only thing that keeps some of us going. Mine is 19, but I totally get it. Happy mom day ❤️
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Thanks Keep!!! 
BS - Female
Married 27 years, one adult child
DD May 2016

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” - V Frankl
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Thank you!! Had a wonderful day! 
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Thanks Keep!  It was a good one.
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