You'll notice different titles associated with the usernames of each participant in this forum. Here's a general description of what those titles mean.

AH Coach: These are the counselors (Sharon, Jennifer, TimT) who contribute to AffairHealing.com in various ways and also act as administrators of the Community Forum.

Guides: Guides (moderators) are typically responsible for certain categories in the forum, working to encourage interaction that encourages participants toward healing. If you have questions about content or concern about posts, contact a Guide. To find a Guide for a particular topic, open the category for that topic (the category link is usually indicated by a folder/title under the topic's title at the top of the page) and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the moderator link for that category.

Hosts: These members focus on welcoming and helping new members to the forum. They also work with Coaches and Guides to encourage helpful discussions that lead toward healing.

First Members: This title indicates a member who has been active in the forum since Day 1. (Some First Members may have other titles if they are serving in another role.)

General Member Titles:
  • Beginning Member: 0-4 posts
  • Member: 5-49 posts
  • Bronze Member: 5-199 posts
  • Silver Member: 200-499 posts
  • Gold Member: 500-1000 posts
  • Platinum Member; Over 1000 posts
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