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 Last night the three of us had a conversation about this whole situation on speaker phone. I have my closure, and me and OM both came to realize that she is just a liar. She been lying to both of us to keep this going, and when it came down to it she chose him. She defends him no matter what, and its clear that they built this affair on bashing me, and the wife of OM.

 My wife IS starting to realize that she is the side chick though. He has been telling her that he has filed for divorce since they started this crap, and I was able to catch him in his lies last night, and expose that he hasn't actually filed. His excuse is that he cant yet afford it because he still pays her kids medical care. He got very defensive when I pointed out the double standard that HE expect my W to divorce me, while he remains married. He sees himself as a hero for being a great enough man to continue letting his insurance pay for his Wife kids. He calls his marriage a "useless piece of paper" and insist my wife is NOT a side piece.

I could tell that my Wife is starting to see that he is not as honest, and great as she has been led to believe. Still she accepts his b.s. in the end, and Im left to figure out what I must to to escape this nightmare. I have nowhere to go so I gotta find me a job first off, and then figure out who will tend the children
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