This exercise was inspired by the post from "Courage" in which she described the impact this activity had on her. It guides you through a consideration of how various areas of your life might be impacted by the choice to leave or stay in your relationship/marriage.

As I followed up with Courage during the creation of this version, she added:

"The whole idea of this exercise is to 'cheat' (sorry about the use of the word- in this case cheat is a positive word) hindsight. It's a way to honestly and objectively look into the future so you don't look back and say , I wish I had thought this through better- regardless of the path you choose...

"This was a great exercise for me. It has helped me focus on what I want. I know the present is painful, but knowing I want to end up in an amazing place with my husband is what gets my through. We both recognize that the pain and setbacks we are experiencing now are part of the process to get where we want. That is our hope- time and work will tell."

(Note: Revised version uploaded 6/4/2105)
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