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Entitled, funny word considering.
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Oh jerks, not really strong enough.

What about assault when the spouse is infected? How about breach of contract? Misappropriation of marital assets. Can a case of fraud be made? Alienation of affection. Willful negligence (not taking precautions during sex) emotional abuse.

Not justifying hacking but throwing out other thoughts since the ws's are defensive about privacy. I do believe urban made a comment that affairs weren't the worst thing you could do to a person. Not the worst but not too far from it.
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Speaking as someone who was subpoenaed as a witness in ex-AP's divorce case, the court is not interested in much except for the possibility of large financial transactions. I do not live in an alienation of affection state (very few are).

My point was that privacy rights apply to everyone. Being wronged romantically doesn't change that. The other person being sexually irresponsible doesn't change that.
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