This article was posted today on the Psychology Today website. The author writes about the story/narrative people believe on the other side of divorce... and learning to tell a good story.

A couple quotes from the article:

"A decade-plus of research shows that many people become stronger through the effort to make meaning out of unwanted, even traumatic, events."

"Those who bounce forward from trauma create a 'mosaic' out of the shattered pieces of their former lives. Instead of clinging to an old vision ('Divorce destroys everyone!') or throwing out all their old beliefs ('I thought you could trust people, but now I realize everyone is a liar,') they pick out the pieces of the old vision that are of critical importance, that represent their core ideology, and use them to create a beautiful new 'mosaic' for the future."

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That was a very good article. Thanks for sharing it! Maybe I should try putting some of the suggestions into practice. 
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This is really good but oh my so hard.
Trying to make marriage work after my husband's 15 years of affairs. Just found out. Currently in house separation.
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