Almost 2 weeks passed DDay.. and I'm now at a hotel. My husband and I have a unique situation I suppose. He travels for work,he had sex with a younger woman. I found out a month later, and the day I found out is the same day his brother passed away. Sooo I stayed as strong as I could to take care of him and his family and today his mother told me that my husband was going back out of town tomorrow. I flipped and I left. We had only 1 counseling session and no resolve. So confused on what to do..
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Like you, I wish he wasn't leaving. This is the kind of thing that often requires a bit of "time off" to bring some stability to a damaged marriage. I hope you will have time TOGETHER soon to work toward real resolution.

But it will take time. You didn't really indicate your husband's attitude in all this. Remorseful? Taking responsibility? Attentive to what you need? Or is he just embarrassed? Wanting you to get over it? Focused on himself?

Do what you need to do to help you make healthy choices. Hopefully, he will be along side you trying to figure all this out. If not, figure it out on your own.

And even if you have a great counselor, it will take more than a single session for things to feel like they're resolved. This is a tremendous wound and it needs careful attention & time to heal.
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