"Pending Approval" Status

During certain periods, we may require approval before full membership status is granted. Users who are in Pending Approval are able to post replies (and perform most other forum functions), but cannot start new topics until becoming a New Member.

Your Profile & Personal Info

Be very careful about posting personal identifying information in your profile, in posts, or in private messages. You are responsible for information you share in this forum. Do not share information in your profile that you don't want others to see. (Email addresses will always be hidden.)

We ask that each member only register one time, using the same login name. This allows for consistent interactions with other members. If a circumstance arises that you believe necessitates a username change, please notify an Administrator or send your request (with a clear explanation of your reason) to community@affairhealing.com.

Control Panel

These instructions will vary depending on whether you are using a Desktop devise (computer, notebook some tablets) or mobile device (smartphone, some tablets). Where appropriate, the different instructions will be given for each platform.

Make sure you are logged in to the forum.
Desktop: Click the Login tab at the top of forum pages.
Mobile: Access the menu and select "Sign In."

To change your profile & personal settings, access the Control Panel.
Desktop: Click on the Control Panel tab that appears at the top of forum pages.
Mobile: Open the menu and click on your username.
Note: Account changes are more easily made using a computer or large tablet.

The Control Panel allows you to EDIT your profile, set your forum preferences, and monitor your private messages & subscriptions. Here are some of the things you can do:
  • Change your password.
  • Change your email address. (Users never see this.)
  • Turn Instant Messaging on/off
  • Enter additional personal information you'd like others to see.
  • Birthday: If you enter a birthday, it will show on the Community Calendar (monthly view). You can leave the birth year unselected, if you want to.
  • The order in which posts are displayed (newest first or oldest first).
  • Decide whether or not you will receive emails or private massages. Note: Users will never see your email address! Any email sent to you will go through our system without the sender knowing your contact information.
Note: If you make any profile changes, be sure to click the "Update" button at the bottom of your profile page to complete the process.

Avatar & Profile Images
  • Your Avatar Image (optional) appears in each post you make in the forum. Avatar images limited in size to 48x48 pixels.
  • Your Profile Image (optional) appears in the member information that others see about you when they click on your forum username. Profile images are limited in size to 160x160. 
You can use an online service like mypictr.com to upload & resize any image you own.
Images should not contain any inappropriate content (you know what we mean) and should not be used to advertise a service or product.

Membership Title

Your title as "New Member" will change based on the number of posts you have made on this forum.
  • Beginning Member: 0-4 Posts
  • Member: 5-49 Posts
  • Bronze Member: 50-199 Posts
  • Silver Member: 200-499 Posts
  • Gold Member: 500-999 Posts
  • Platinum Member: Over 1,000 Posts
"First Member" titles were awarded to those members who had registered prior to the opening of the AH Community on May 1, 2015. It is a lifelong status that can no longer be earned.

Active Membership

Your membership in this forum will be considered "active" if you have logged in within the past 6 months. We will attempt to contact inactive members using the email address assigned to the account. Members that do not respond and remain inactive may be removed.
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