The "Infidelity & Cheating Information Site" posts these three affair accounts:

1. Sara & Matt
"Sara and Matt had been married for fours years. With their first child on the way, all seemed well to Sara. She had married the man of her dreams, purchased a nice home and they were expecting. What she did not realize is that Matt began having an affair with a co-worker..."

2. Work Trip in Chicago
"Michael and Linda had been married for twenty two years. They had one adult son and another about to graduate from High School. Life was very average for them. They traveled occasionally, lived in a large house and were good parents. Michael was working for a large company and frequently traveled to Chicago to see key clients and work on projects..."

3. After Work Functions
"Ellie and Brant had been married for six years. During that time, they had tried to conceive without success. Ultimately, the doctors reported that she was unable to have a child. Brant wanted to adopt but Ellie could not accept their situation and she said that if she could not have their child, it was not meant to be. She threw herself at her work. She started dressing better, hanging out with the gang from work and going out to events with the marketing people and clients. She was always on her cell phone talking to someone about work or the social life or the people at work. Michael found himself coming home to an empty house more nights than not..."

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