• Online marriage therapy or couples counseling

    Hello, DDay Sept 2017 i am the WS, my question is has anyone here done online counseling for there affair? We are in a real tight financial...

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    Started by Phoenix

  • 2.5 Weeks after DDay/Seperated since Day 1

    Hi, I've recieved a great deal of support after disclosing my multiple affairs to my husband a little over two weeks ago. I'd like to set a little...

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    Started by RY1981

  • I don't want to...

    **possible trigger warning** it's been a bit over three months since d-day. Background: we've been married for five years, together for six....

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    Started by TheFarmGirl

  • Confused - Affair partner - Abortion

    I just got out of a 1 year affair. A guy which i use to see every day three times per day and texting communication every night. He was jealous of me...

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    Started by Greeneyed

  • Your WS / WH affair lasted how long?

    Your WS / WH affair lasted how long?

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    Started by beauty1234

  • After a break, contact

    I received an email this afternoon from my opposite number... the wife of my wife's AP. It has been about 15 months since d-day, about 10 months...

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    Started by anthropoidape

  • Why does he still deny the affair?

    My WH has been having an affair since Jan 2016. DDay was Oct 2016. He moved out July 2017 after a horrible argument. He has admitted the affair...

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    Started by Clingingtohope

  • Monday will be 2 Years

    At 1:15 AM on Saturday, June 18, 2016 my H's former mistress started sending me a series of texts to let me know about their 6.5 year affair that had...

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    Started by Kelaine53

  • Trying to move forward

    I've just come out of a nearly 8 month physical and deeply emotional affair. My wife has been nothing short of patient and forgiving since discovery...

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    Started by buxton

  • How to move on?

    Hi Everyone It's a couple of weeks since I have posted anything but I'm hoping for some answers tonight if anyone is willing to talk to me. I realise...

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    Started by Sparkle

  • What do I do??

    Tomorrow is my WH’s husband birthday. For my birthday in June, he texted me ‘heartfelt birthday wishes’, sent me flowers on behalf of (adult)...

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    Started by Kiki

  • My story, and one of my neurotic ideas

    Hi...I don't post a lot but believe me I'm still around and scouring the boards looking for some magic solution to the sadness I feel fairly...

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    Started by tosharri

  • Completely Lost and Broken

    Hello, I have been married 21 years and have four children. I caught my husband at a hotel having an affair on May 9th and he has since moved out of...

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    Started by Shnn018

  • A question about sex

    I have a question, for all the men, especially WHs. My husband recently revealed that he is in fact, still in love with his AP. (Limerence I guess)....

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    Started by Feelinghopeful79

  • Unsure and Undecided

    My husband of 9 years had an affair just two months ago. He confessed to me one month ago and we were trying to save our marriage, but that only...

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    Started by Smokey_12

  • How to deal with continued lies

    So things between my WH and I have been moving along pretty well. We are 14+ months from dday, he has not had contact (except occasionally due to...

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    Started by BrokenHearted

  • Vocalizing Feelings

    I was curious as to what other people have experienced with vocalizing feelings to WH/WS after discovery. My entire life I've never really been one...

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    Started by tosharri

  • 2 steps forward and then 10 steps back

    hi, im not actually sure what I’m looking for out of this post but maybe just the thought of getting it if my chest will help! i found out about...

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    Started by Jay_jaimee1

  • Authentic or not?

    Hi all, I’m new to this forum and was hoping to get some clarity from hearing other people’s experiences to help me with what to do next. Quick...

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    Started by AMT

  • At a crossroads

    So my WH decided in the end of March that he wants the AP. I was calm, and said "if thats what you want then go for it what can I do." He...

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    Started by Be_amazing

  • How to spend my time wisely

    Yesterday was D-Day #2. Although my WS has not physically been with anyone else since D-Day #1, I found out much more about who he is and who he was...

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    Started by neversaynever

  • What to do? Leave or stay?

    Hello... I mistakenly posted this same post under "Fog of an Affair". I apologize to the admin and other members. I was still trying to...

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    Started by iris0906

  • WS affair withdrawal

    Hello, first post here... so bare with me...DDay was 9/6/17. We are supposedly in R now,unfortunately the past 6 months have been back and forth. I...

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    Started by Be_amazing

  • What on earth is going on here?

    I've been in this community a while now, and many others will have seen my posts sprinkled around here and there. And I'm at a point where I'm really...

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    Started by MITM

  • Broken NC?

    After d-day my AP and I committed to NC and his wife made him block me on all social media (rightfully so). Just as I get to the point where I have...

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    Started by Sunflower_dj

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