• Guidelines for Posting a Link

    Submissions to this forum require approval before being posted. Feel free to post links to affair stories posted on other websites or blogs. We are...

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  • Mark's Story

    If you've read enough content on AffairHealing.com, you know that "Mark's Story" is really my story. When I originally added it to the...

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  • Annika's Story

    Annika's Story is about one woman's affair and her decision about whether or not to tell her husband about it. You can read her story online using...

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  • Craig & Lauren's Story

    A husband and wife talk about their affair recovery. You can read Craig Lauren's Story online using the link below, or download the PDF version...

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  • Celia's Journal

    Excerpts from a wife's prayer journal following her husband's affair. You can read Celia's Journal online using the link below, or download the PDF...

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  • Julia & Rick's Story

    "Julia and Rick" are available to interact with questions and comments about their experience. They are not counselors; they are people...

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  • 3 Short Stories of Infidelity

    The "Infidelity Cheating Information Site" posts these three affair accounts : 1. Sara Matt "Sara and Matt had been married for...

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  • Robin's Story

    One woman’s account of losing her marriage, finding it again, and changing in the process. You can read Robin's Story online using the link...

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  • Justin & Trish's Story

    https://vimeo.com/39354012 Justin Davis was a pastor of a growing church who, one day, came home and told his wife, Trish, that he wanted to leave...

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  • Sheri's Story

    A woman confesses an affair secret she held for 5 years. You can read Sheri's Story online using the link below, or download the PDF version...

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