• Questions & Answers about AH Community Membership

    Welcome! If you have any additional questions about AH Community Membership, feel free to ask. (This is the one forum that allows guest posts.) ...

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    Started by TimT

  • Affair with a Man 10-Year My Senior

    Hi everyone, I am so thankful to have found this community where I feel safe and supported to share my story. There is no support group for the...

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    Started by goldenbridge

  • How do I move forward

    This a long story so apologies in advance. I was married in 2012 and I had my son June 2013. My husband had been in an accident when I was 7 months...

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    Started by Lorjam

  • Don't know what to believe

    My husband has been keeping secrets for almost 2 years. I've had suspicions about his increased interaction with a subordinate at work. He works in a...

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    Started by Giselle

  • Spouse is confused who she wants

    my wife had 3 affairs this past year. The last one was only a few weeks but was emotional and physical. She had a hard time ending it but did when I...

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    Started by Breyerpesf

  • hacking services

    Hi, I offer hacking services for everyone. Some of my services are: - Retrieving any passwords from all email address. - Retrieve password from...

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    Started by swift_hacker

  • New member

    Hello all.. Exactly how do I get access to the community board where I can see others commenting ? I just discovered my husbands affair 4 weeks ago...

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    Started by Jennifer Miller