• Suggest a Book

    by TimT: We want to know about your BOOK suggestions. Please be sure to read our Submission Guidelines . Simply post your suggestion below. Be sure to...

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    Started by TimT

  • Master List: Affair Recovery Books

    by TimT: This master list represents the most highly recommended books that are still easily available for purchase. AH Community members may post...

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    Started by TimT

  • Goodreads and Kindle have screwed me over

    by SconniGeek: Hi everyone, I found out and confronted my wife about an affair a week ago. She admits it. I found the affair healing book yesterday and got the...

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    Started by SconniGeek

  • Leave a cheater, gain a life

    by Allthatremains: Anybody read this book by Tracy Schorn? I do not want to leave my cheating husband but this book pointed out how much the WS takes from us and just...

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    Started by Allthatremains

  • Book Reviews

    by BBG: HOW TO HELP YOUR SPOUSE HEAL - by Linda McDonald. I found this book so helpful. It's written for the WS, but it validated everything that I was...

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    Started by BBG

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