• Small victories...

    Today was one of those days that are, unfortunately, all too rare. For the first time in a couple weeks I woke up in a great mood, and my first...

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    Started by seventy7

  • What is happening now?

    I had a very revealing session with my IC yesterday. I walked in the door and told her "I need help". A little background is in order....

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    Started by Kelaine53

  • Does anyone make it?

    I have been on this forum for some months now and... pretty well nobody seems to successfully reconcile after an affair. It seems like those that are...

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    Started by anthropoidape

  • Great date, despite trigger!

    I just wanted to share this recent progress. My husband and I went to see a comedian, granted a “Christian” comedian, but I knew there may still...

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    Started by ssix6pack

  • 6 months.

    Well, we’ve made it 6 months past d-day (yesterday). I’m trying to reflect not only on how I feel on bad days, or good days, but as a whole. ...

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    Started by ssix6pack

  • 31st Wedding Anniversary Today

    Betrayed husband here. D-day was May 2016. She had a 6 month emotional affair that ended up with one day at a hotel where she was caught by our 21...

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    Started by lv304

  • 24yrs, and second anniversary after Dday

    It is our 24 yr anniversary tomorrow. It is our second after Dday. I still don't want to celebrate it, even though things are going pretty well with...

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    Started by BrokenHearted

  • Healing faster

    I hope I can clearly communicate this.. Many of you know my story. Husband had a one night stand, it was confessed the same weekend. He’s done...

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    Started by ssix6pack

  • Perspective

    When my husband came home last night from his IC appointment he asked me the same question his therapist has asked him: Is our marriage better now...

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    Started by Kelaine53

  • Trial Separation

    So it has been several months since my WH's AP contacted him for "work" related things and turned it into him doing something for...

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    Started by BrokenHearted

  • Is it unreasonable of me?

    Last night I was triggered. We tried watching some improv, and the comedian brought up the scantily clad restraunt name and the waitresses who work...

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    Started by ssix6pack

  • Tim’s podcastthe root of the

    Tim, your podcasts have helped me very much, especially the one on Forgiveness. I feel your Part 2 On E Perel’s Book was extremely hurtful To WS...

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    Started by minnie16

  • How is the WS affected by BS misery?

    I’m over 2.5 years past d-day. I have come a long way, but I still have a very long way to go. I seem normal to everyone, I am very good at...

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    Started by Keepabuzz

  • Good Weekend

    Letting go does not always mean ending and leaving your marriage. There are so many things that we hold on to. In my case I have been holding tightly...

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    Started by Kelaine53

  • Attending a wedding

    Next week my husband and I, and our children, are attending a wedding for someone who we care for very much. The couple does not know about our...

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    Started by ssix6pack

  • Tough days ahead, need some support...

    I have a feeling that July and August are going to be a minefield of triggers and hoping that you guys can help me navigate through them. I am 8.5...

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    Started by seventy7

  • 2nd Anniversary of D-day

    Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of d-day for me. The week leading up to it was down, but no where near what it was like a year ago. This past...

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    Started by Keepabuzz

  • Traveling & sad

    I just need to express a surprising struggle I’m having. It has taken me back, I didn’t expect it. My husband had to travel for work, so, our...

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    Started by ssix6pack

  • Do you know couples on the other “side”?

    Just curious - does anyone here know a couple who is on the other side of this, and healed and joyful in their marriage? Truly healed? I just keep...

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    Started by ssix6pack

  • Another lousy day

    15 months after Dday, and the last week has been horrible. Everything seems to trigger me. On top of that, there have been many disappointments from...

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    Started by BrokenHearted

  • How many years out - still think/talk about it?

    I actually read this topic on another forum and it resonated with me because I am struggling deeply with these thoughts so I would like to ask those...

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    Started by Kelaine53

  • Another Q on the BS and sex

    Last night my husband and I finished up a book we’ve been reading together. This section was on a wife’s sexuality and it was clearly not written...

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    Started by ssix6pack

  • Mistakes vs. Choices

    I know this has been a discussion before but I want to bring it up again because it is one of the things that helped me move forward in my healing...

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    Started by Trinity

  • Ran into OM with my husband

    So my husband and I decided on a night out over the weekend. We were having a great time and then we realized that the OM was in the same...

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    Started by Sunflower_dj



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    Started by arizons

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