• Please tell me if I'm wrong

    As I stated in my last post, I'm here, I'm working on me. I've tried to just focus on me and not put any emotional expectations on him. But it does...

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    Started by Blessedby7

  • Healing quotes

    I thought I would start a thread where people can post helpful quotes that they have found on their healing journey. Here is one of my favorites. I...

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    Started by Keepabuzz

  • An updated story.

    First, I’m sorry I disappeared without so much as a “see ya soon”. Life got busy, and something had to go. And then, d-day number two. I had...

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    Started by ssix6pack

  • Triggers

    I was triggered pretty badly today. I don’t get hit this hard very often anymore. I’m a bit further down this road than some people here, so I...

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    Started by Keepabuzz

  • Letter to the other woman

    Three months ago today I sat down to write a letter to the OW. Like many others, I felt compelled to try and get her to see the damage she had...

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    Started by BeginAgain

  • Do you try to stop talking about it for the sake of healing?

    For those of you who are on the road of healing or have managed to heal, did you ever get to the point where you sometimes wanted to discuss the...

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    Started by hurting

  • Vow Renewal...Who should ask?

    Sorry for the long backstory...but We are about 1.5 years out from D-Day. My wife had an on/off affair for approx 2 years with someone in a...

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    Started by seventy7

  • Triggers Out of Nowhere

    Last night my wife and I are watching an old western from the 1950s. Right there in big red letters in the opening credits, the editor had the same...

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    Started by AnywhereButHere

  • It got ugly

    Last night my husband confirmed a small detail about the day he had sex with that woman. I had suspected it all along and it really was such a small...

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  • Need opinions

    My husband had his affair 3 years ago, was so sweet to start the affair on my birthday. My birthday was the other day and it was great, I didn’t...

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    Started by Greyes128

  • Rage

    So my husband and I are approaching the 3 months mark after D-day. Still early days and not a day goes by where I don't think about the affair and...

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  • Is it hate or struggle to accept that part of him

    This is a hard one. When my husband and I argue and it gets heated, he asked me a few times. "Do you hate me?" My first instict wants to...

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    Started by Skelling

  • She contacted him

    I'm so upset I'm literally shaking. We were busy around the house when my husband got a text from a number he doesn't know. Just a dot. He replied...

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  • So painful

    We're 5 days out from three months after D-Day and after all the rage of the past few weeks, I've found myself being very quiet. My husband has...

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  • The Yellow Dress

    18 Years ago, shortly before our wedding, my husband bought me a dress. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever owned; pale yellow chiffon with...

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  • Oh, the pain....

    I came across a picture today that I had posted of my husband the day he left for disaster relief for Hurricane Florence. In the post I talked about...

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    Started by Blessedby7

  • Q to WS: What you wished your BS did or doing to help rebuild the marriage

    Hello. Assuming that both are willing to rebuild the marriage, If there are WS willing to share, what are the things you wished that your BS is...

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    Started by Hurting2014

  • When things start to feel normal

    Its been two years and 359 days since I put an end to the stupidest decision of my life, and ended an affair, and another few days after that I told...

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    Started by Sorry

  • Annoyed and a bit creeped out

    Not sure why I am posting this here except that maybe it has been on my mind too much. And I think it embarrasses me that I haven't made a decision...

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    Started by ThrivenotSurvive

  • Does "working on healing" help to keep you stuck?

    Not sure the title is accurate, but I find myself more emotional the more I come and read these forums, try to understand, or even listen or read...

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    Started by Blessedby7

  • Attending a wedding

    Next week my husband and I, and our children, are attending a wedding for someone who we care for very much. The couple does not know about our...

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    Started by ssix6pack

  • Moving on

    My ex AP is moving to China in June. I am so glad that my marriage will have a chance to continue to rebuild with him a couple of thousand kilometers...

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    Started by Sorry

  • Lust fading...

    It has been a while since I have posted anything on here. I used to be one of those that would log in everyday and read the new posts and reply to...

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    Started by seventy7

  • When did you love them again?

    I feel like logically, and practically, I still love my husband. But, emotionally and passionately? I do not feel it. I wonder if I equate that kind...

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    Started by ssix6pack

  • Merry Christmas

    Folks I am taking a break for the Christmas period in order to be more present withy loved ones. The festive season can be a hard time for any...

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    Started by anthropoidape