• In an odd place

    The post d-day period has now gone longer than the affair did. It's approaching two years (12 Feb). I find myself in an odd place. There's no doubt...

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    Started by anthropoidape

  • Attending a wedding

    Next week my husband and I, and our children, are attending a wedding for someone who we care for very much. The couple does not know about our...

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    Started by ssix6pack

  • Moving on

    My ex AP is moving to China in June. I am so glad that my marriage will have a chance to continue to rebuild with him a couple of thousand kilometers...

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    Started by Sorry

  • Triggers

    I was triggered pretty badly today. I don’t get hit this hard very often anymore. I’m a bit further down this road than some people here, so I...

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    Started by Keepabuzz

  • How Do I Save My Marraige After I Caused So Much Damage?


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    Started by gst2018

  • Q to WS: What you wished your BS did or doing to help rebuild the marriage

    Hello. Assuming that both are willing to rebuild the marriage, If there are WS willing to share, what are the things you wished that your BS is...

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    Started by Hurting2014

  • I finally deleted it....

    On Jan 9th 2017, (7 days after DDAY) The OW called my cell phone and left a VM.. Playing a VM my husband had left for her. An immensely cruel act on...

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    Started by arizons

  • Perspective

    When my husband came home last night from his IC appointment he asked me the same question his therapist has asked him: Is our marriage better now...

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    Started by Kelaine53

  • Epiphany

    I want to preface this post by saying in no uncertain terms do I intend to excuse my WH's behavior, nor do I excuse his lack of character and ...

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    Started by BrokenHearted

  • Meltdown


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    Started by anthropoidape

  • What is happening now?

    I had a very revealing session with my IC yesterday. I walked in the door and told her "I need help". A little background is in order....

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    Started by Kelaine53

  • Some truth finally after 18 months

    So last night my WH FINALLY opened up a bit about his affair with details I've needed. I've been suspicious that his "I don't remember"...

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    Started by BrokenHearted

  • advice on handling after the affair

    Hello everyone. I will try and be as concise and to the point as possible. I would very much appreciate advice on handling thoughts and visions. I...

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    Started by eltel18

  • Small victories...

    Today was one of those days that are, unfortunately, all too rare. For the first time in a couple weeks I woke up in a great mood, and my first...

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    Started by seventy7

  • Does anyone make it?

    I have been on this forum for some months now and... pretty well nobody seems to successfully reconcile after an affair. It seems like those that are...

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    Started by anthropoidape

  • Great date, despite trigger!

    I just wanted to share this recent progress. My husband and I went to see a comedian, granted a “Christian” comedian, but I knew there may still...

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    Started by ssix6pack

  • 6 months.

    Well, we’ve made it 6 months past d-day (yesterday). I’m trying to reflect not only on how I feel on bad days, or good days, but as a whole. ...

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    Started by ssix6pack

  • 31st Wedding Anniversary Today

    Betrayed husband here. D-day was May 2016. She had a 6 month emotional affair that ended up with one day at a hotel where she was caught by our 21...

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    Started by lv304

  • 24yrs, and second anniversary after Dday

    It is our 24 yr anniversary tomorrow. It is our second after Dday. I still don't want to celebrate it, even though things are going pretty well with...

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    Started by BrokenHearted

  • Healing faster

    I hope I can clearly communicate this.. Many of you know my story. Husband had a one night stand, it was confessed the same weekend. He’s done...

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    Started by ssix6pack

  • Trial Separation

    So it has been several months since my WH's AP contacted him for "work" related things and turned it into him doing something for...

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    Started by BrokenHearted

  • Is it unreasonable of me?

    Last night I was triggered. We tried watching some improv, and the comedian brought up the scantily clad restraunt name and the waitresses who work...

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    Started by ssix6pack

  • Tim’s podcastthe root of the

    Tim, your podcasts have helped me very much, especially the one on Forgiveness. I feel your Part 2 On E Perel’s Book was extremely hurtful To WS...

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    Started by minnie16

  • How is the WS affected by BS misery?

    I’m over 2.5 years past d-day. I have come a long way, but I still have a very long way to go. I seem normal to everyone, I am very good at...

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    Started by Keepabuzz

  • Good Weekend

    Letting go does not always mean ending and leaving your marriage. There are so many things that we hold on to. In my case I have been holding tightly...

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    Started by Kelaine53