• When your wayward spouse works with the AP?

    What were your success/failure reasons when your wayward spouse continued working with their affair partner? How were you able to heal or cope with...

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    Started by Muzzle111

  • Polygraph

    If your wayward spouse is still working with the AP, Is it reasonable to request a polygraph to confirm that the affair has not progressed? And that...

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    Started by Muzzle111

  • Eventual truth

    Supposedly all truth is out. Wish I could say that is what my gut believed, but for the sake of the question let's assume it is. Is it ok to demand...

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    Started by Kaytee0528

  • How a can of soda ruined my day...

    I am just over 7 months post D-Day, and doing pretty well considering the magnitude of what happened in my WW's affair. In fact, the last couple days...

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    Started by seventy7

  • Loyalty and disloyalty

    I have been thinking a bit lately about the concept of loyalty, and the difference between disloyalty and dishonesty. They are related but they...

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    Started by anthropoidape

  • When and how can you trust again?

    I'm almost 3 months from D-day now... so early early days as compared to a lot of you who may be reading this. I'm feeling a bit down today... and...

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    Started by hurting

  • Understanding and recognizing the "Difference"

    I have struggled with my decision to stay in my marriage. My values seem assaulted by this choice. After all why would I would to stay with a man...

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    Started by Kelaine53

  • Spying

    Hello here's my dilemma I put a tracking device on my husband's car without his knowledge. It was like a crutch for me anytime I felt uneasy of...

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    Started by Broken

  • Eventual truth... What do I need?

    The entire truth is supposedly out but i wish that is what my gut believed, but for the sake of the question let's assume it is. Is it ok to demand...

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    Started by HangingOn

  • How to handle building trust

    ok, we’ve been at this healing stuff for over a year now , D day was oct 15, 2016. Right after we got back from a romantic trip to Sedona. This...

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    Started by Healing

  • Eventual truth... What do I need?


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    Started by HangingOn

  • Feeling Stuck

    It's been almost 9 months since Dday, and while our relationship is getting better - I'm feeling stuck. I stayed with my CH after his 2 year affair...

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    Started by BrokenHearted

  • Turning the tables?

    My wife and I have been together 15 years, 2 children (14 and 10). The last few years have been challenging: she started a business that is...

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    Started by Itsdd

  • Fake Emails Maybe?

    I am the BS and just found out 2 months ago that my H was hooking up with swinger couples for the first 10 years of our relationship. He has not...

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    Started by SecretSwinger

  • Need some support

    10 months after d-day and the last few times I was feeling anxiety wh has not been very supportive because he is resentful towards me. Today I tried...

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    Started by Paw

  • anxiety today

    I don't know why but I am feeling super anxious today. Partly because I don't know where my spouse is. I know he isn't at home and currently doesn't...

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    Started by arizons

  • how much info to know and lying

    What has anyone else found helpful to know about the cheating? I just found out 4 weeks ago and have asked some basic questions, but am unsure of...

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    Started by Paw

  • Is this trust?

    I'm 6 months from d-day now. My husband asks me here and there if I trust in him in any way at this time. I always say I trust you love me, I trust...

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    Started by Lookingahead

  • Unfounded Anxieties

    Hi everyone, Can anyone help me out here? It's been nearly 18 months since D-Day and I have no reason to think that anything is wrong. My wife seems...

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    Started by sabalias

  • So Broken. To my husband who dosent get it

    An opinion? You mean your rationalize why you lie. Make promises you never keep. You say you love me? You would never let anyone ever hurt me. You...

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    Started by 1987broken

  • Husband watching porn

    My husband had an affair which I discovered 6 montha ago. We are working on our marriage and it has improved. I continue to struggle with trust,...

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    Started by Sue

  • How do I trust now and should I

    My husband was involved with a woman he met online on and off over a 6.5 year span. I was wrong to trust his word and my heart. I chalked all the...

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    Started by Kelaine53

  • Husband that cheated 11 months ago, away at trade show this weekend.

    This is the first time my cheating husband has been away over night since discovering his affair last year with a co-worker. (he still works with her...

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    Started by Hurt

  • In-house separation?

    As some of you already know, today has been a day of discoveries and possibly starting this whole process over. I will know more when I speak to WS...

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    Started by Sover

  • Suspicion's effect

    I've seen a lot of posts lately about suspicious behavior by WSes and ways to get at what's really happening on the part of the BS. Suspicion has got...

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    Started by grappling

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