• Loyalty and disloyalty

    by anthropoidape: I have been thinking a bit lately about the concept of loyalty, and the difference between disloyalty and dishonesty. They are related but they...

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    Started by anthropoidape

  • When and how can you trust again?

    by hurting: I'm almost 3 months from D-day now... so early early days as compared to a lot of you who may be reading this. I'm feeling a bit down today... and...

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    Started by hurting

  • Understanding and recognizing the "Difference"

    by Kelaine53: I have struggled with my decision to stay in my marriage. My values seem assaulted by this choice. After all why would I would to stay with a man...

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    Started by Kelaine53

  • Spying

    by Broken: Hello here's my dilemma I put a tracking device on my husband's car without his knowledge. It was like a crutch for me anytime I felt uneasy of...

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    Started by Broken

  • Eventual truth... What do I need?

    by HangingOn: The entire truth is supposedly out but i wish that is what my gut believed, but for the sake of the question let's assume it is. Is it ok to demand...

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    Started by HangingOn

  • How to handle building trust

    by Healing: ok, we’ve been at this healing stuff for over a year now , D day was oct 15, 2016. Right after we got back from a romantic trip to Sedona. This...

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    Started by Healing

  • Eventual truth

    by Kaytee0528: Supposedly all truth is out. Wish I could say that is what my gut believed, but for the sake of the question let's assume it is. Is it ok to demand...

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    Started by Kaytee0528

  • Eventual truth... What do I need?

    by HangingOn: Sorry

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    Started by HangingOn

  • Feeling Stuck

    by BrokenHearted: It's been almost 9 months since Dday, and while our relationship is getting better - I'm feeling stuck. I stayed with my CH after his 2 year affair...

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    Started by BrokenHearted

  • Turning the tables?

    by Itsdd: My wife and I have been together 15 years, 2 children (14 and 10). The last few years have been challenging: she started a business that is...

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    Started by Itsdd

  • Fake Emails Maybe?

    by SecretSwinger: I am the BS and just found out 2 months ago that my H was hooking up with swinger couples for the first 10 years of our relationship. He has not...

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    Started by SecretSwinger

  • Need some support

    by Paw: 10 months after d-day and the last few times I was feeling anxiety wh has not been very supportive because he is resentful towards me. Today I tried...

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    Started by Paw

  • anxiety today

    by arizons: I don't know why but I am feeling super anxious today. Partly because I don't know where my spouse is. I know he isn't at home and currently doesn't...

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    Started by arizons

  • how much info to know and lying

    by Paw: What has anyone else found helpful to know about the cheating? I just found out 4 weeks ago and have asked some basic questions, but am unsure of...

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    Started by Paw

  • Is this trust?

    by Lookingahead: I'm 6 months from d-day now. My husband asks me here and there if I trust in him in any way at this time. I always say I trust you love me, I trust...

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    Started by Lookingahead

  • Unfounded Anxieties

    by sabalias: Hi everyone, Can anyone help me out here? It's been nearly 18 months since D-Day and I have no reason to think that anything is wrong. My wife seems...

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    Started by sabalias

  • So Broken. To my husband who dosent get it

    by 1987broken: An opinion? You mean your rationalize why you lie. Make promises you never keep. You say you love me? You would never let anyone ever hurt me. You...

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    Started by 1987broken

  • Husband watching porn

    by Sue: My husband had an affair which I discovered 6 montha ago. We are working on our marriage and it has improved. I continue to struggle with trust,...

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    Started by Sue

  • How do I trust now and should I

    by Kelaine53: My husband was involved with a woman he met online on and off over a 6.5 year span. I was wrong to trust his word and my heart. I chalked all the...

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    Started by Kelaine53

  • Husband that cheated 11 months ago, away at trade show this weekend.

    by Hurt: This is the first time my cheating husband has been away over night since discovering his affair last year with a co-worker. (he still works with her...

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    Started by Hurt

  • In-house separation?

    by Sover: As some of you already know, today has been a day of discoveries and possibly starting this whole process over. I will know more when I speak to WS...

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    Started by Sover

  • Suspicion's effect

    by grappling: I've seen a lot of posts lately about suspicious behavior by WSes and ways to get at what's really happening on the part of the BS. Suspicion has got...

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    Started by grappling

  • Am I making too much of this???

    by Sover: We are just over 4 months from d-day. When the affair was discovered, after talking, crying, raging and all that goes with discovery, my WS and I...

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    Started by Sover

  • Sooo angry right now

    by Paw: We're 3 months out from D-day. For the most part my WH has tried to be supportive. He has given me his credit card statements to look over the last...

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    Started by Paw

  • when to stop asking

    by Invisible: My wife has confessed to me about a brief affair she had 6 years ago. After which I kept asking about the details which she gave me in batches over a...

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    Started by Invisible

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