• can't stop getting my digs in...

    First I just want to thank all of the contributors on AH. Reading through all of the posts comments has really helped me in my journey. I think one...

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    Started by seventy7

  • When did you truly feel you had forgiven your WS?

    I'm still struggling with forgiveness. We are at about 7.5 months from d-day and I know I am in the process, but full forgiveness feels so far away....

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    Started by Lookingahead

  • Turning the Corner ?!?!?!?!

    I think I may have turned the corner ??!!?? but I am not sure. I am NOT so severely emotional with my WS as I had been in the past. Is there a...

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    Started by Trinity

  • We made it to Thursday guys!

    I wanted to share things song with you all. It perfectly describes how I feel about the ex-AP. LOL. Thought you guys might get a laugh to ...

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    Started by arizons

  • What forgiveness is not

    Good recent article: https://www.affairrecovery.com/newsletter/founder/forgiving-infidelity-not Basic principles: Forgiveness, or forgiving...

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    Started by UrbanExplorer

  • When you know way way too much about the affair.

    I just joined the forum and wasn't sure how to begin. It is surprising but in reality really shouldn't be that so many of our stories parallel each...

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    Started by tallp1g

  • I want out

    I want out of my 25 year marriage. The lies and infidelity are just too much. I know I will never forgive her trust him again. How do I walk away. I...

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    Started by DBingWill2017

  • I really, really hate Tuesdays!

    So it started as a little bit of a joke a couple months back, but it seems that my WW and I would always have very deep conversations on Tuesday...

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    Started by seventy7

  • He doesn't get it.

    This is my first post, so thanks in advance for your thoughts. 17 years of marriage, 3 years of affairs with multiple partners and so many lies and...

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    Started by neversaynever

  • Trying to Forgive but Stumbling

    Lately, I have earnestly trying to forgive my WS but I hit a snag today. A little back story. My WS had 3 different affairs of a period of 3 years....

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    Started by Lslady

  • Letting go of the hatred

    I have recently discovered how much my hatred of my ex AP is damaging me. It's been a huge insight, I still work alongside him and I find that with...

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    Started by Sorry

  • Two years on

    yesterday I celebrated two years of being affair free. It felt really good. Only a few more days til my marriage celebrates two years of being...

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    Started by Sorry

  • There is only one "ONE"

    We are all looking for the "one", but the truth is...there is only one "One". If you have looked to your spouse as your God in...

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    Started by Integrity1

  • My Story

    Here's my crazy story... February 28th 2016, I go to church for the first time in a long time. A guest pastor was there and he was entertaining and...

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    Started by betrayedwife08

  • I Want The Truth

    Hello I need some advice it's been 2 years since I found out and I still feel like I don't know the complete truth of the affair. I've repeatedly...

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    Started by Broken

  • You will never see me the way you used to.

    My WS was having a bad day yesterday, very down and sad. I asked her what she was feeling, and why. Just telling me she was sad wasn't enough. She...

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    Started by Keepabuzz

  • How do we offer grace?

    Based on TimT's post regarding shame and grace I am really wondering how I can offer my husband this very special gift. I want him to know I see his...

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    Started by Lookingahead

  • How do you sum up your story? Are you afraid you can't "accept" it?

    I am struggling lately (evidenced by my regular posts). I'm sorry to be so noisy. I have hit a wall with something in particular: summing it up....

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    Started by DorothyJane7

  • Long ago affair

    8 months ago I got an email at work from my husbands AP about an affair she had with my husband. My mind exploded. And the pain began. But she was...

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    Started by Decarie

  • The woman who championed women's lib

    is there any one else who feels the deep shame of having been an smart educated woman from the 60's, 70's who used to go on and on about men,...

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    Started by Decarie

  • Piecemeal Forgiveness

    I was hoping for some feedback from the community on this. Last night, I felt the need to tell my wife that I forgive her for a specific incident in...

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    Started by Ironsides1

  • May have just realized I am a clinical example of the 5 stages of grief

    Was just reading an article on forgiveness that aligned it with the 5 stages of grief. As I read it my feeling was something like: "Are you...

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    Started by Ironsides1

  • Karma

    I'm a male BS, 18 months post d-day. We are reconciling. I have forgiven her, but don't yet live in a "state of forgiveness". I wonder...

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    Started by Keepabuzz

  • This one hard piece

    There have been a lot of areas I have been able to forgive my husband of regarding his online affairs (started with porn and porn addiction, then...

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    Started by stillme

  • Forgiveness a choice?

    I have read a lot after my wife disclosed a brief affair that took place 6 years ago, one of the points I am really confused about is forgiveness. I...

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    Started by Invisible

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