• How To Post Your Story

    To post your story, start a "New Topic" in this Tell Your Story forum . (If you simply want to comment on someone else's story, post a...

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    Started by TimT

  • fathers funeral

    my husband cheated on me while i was out of state for my fathers funeral. Does the timing of an affair matter, does it lessen the chance of...

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    Started by solost

  • How do you get over wanting revenge?

    I'm a BS 5.5 months Dday. My husband and I are both professionals. Mid 50's, Married for 26 years. Most people would look at us and think we had...

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    Started by Damaged

  • Finally here

    I've tried individual counseling, marriage counseling, reading, listening, journaling, exercising, eating healthy, eating anything I want, spending...

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    Started by mermaid

  • I cannot get my wife to admit her EA

    I am an IT engineer so once I had evidence to justify some snooping it was not hard to find evidence. my wife of 15 years and her douchebag...

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    Started by jenzo

  • Death vs Affair Recovery

    Hi to the old guard and I'm so sorry to the newbies. I still come and read from time to time but when this topic started I felt like I have at least...

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    Started by neslon

  • How it all came about..

    My husband confessed to me he had cheated on me multiple times during the time I was pregnant with our first and second child. These past three...

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    Started by Hurtandhealing

  • New & trying to heal

    Hello. I post here with a bit of hesitation, I've been seeking some level of understanding, but every forum I've looked at (or posted on), didn't...

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    Started by ssix6pack

  • Picking up the pieces

    Hope it’s alright for me to share what’s been happening in my world. I just feel so much pain inside sometimes it just has to come out somehow. ...

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    Started by AMT

  • How many DDays did you live through?

    just wondering how many ddays did you endure? Both WS and BS please feel free to share your stories. What worked? What didn’t? Struggles? Etc.

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    Started by Be_amazing

  • My story: How the bunny became not funny anymore

    I first came to the AH forum looking for a way out by looking at how others are doing. Whether people in the similar circumstances were able to save...

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    Started by GingerHoneyBunny

  • Working Through the Pain - 3 months post D-Day

    I have never posted before, so this is going to be a little long. First a little background on us as a couple. We are in our late 30's, and have a...

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    Started by seventy7

  • Ignore this post

    Sorry, I changed my mind. I have to be cautious.

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    Started by MyBad

  • Yet another BS story...

    I’m a BS of 2 months... so it’s still very early days. The AP contacted me to make me aware because they wanted more from my WS. I had no idea...

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    Started by hurting

  • My story

    I had the marriage that I always wanted for almost 12 years, I loved my wife very much and I loved my family even more. I never regretted marrying...

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    Started by Mikey4

  • In the wake of #Metoo

    I have been finding help and support in this forum for almost 2 years. The D (or R) day will be 2 years tomorrow and I hesitated to put myself out...

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    Started by Iwinsome

  • Temporary separation and continuing affair

    Hi, my first post so hopefully this will be in the right place. 5 months since d day of my husbands full on two month (then) affair. He owned up to...

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    Started by Ajay

  • My 13 year on/off affair story

    I am writing this not to hear what a bad person I am but because I need to do this for my healing. In 2004 I met and fell big time for a married...

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    Started by Hayley47

  • The pain of knowing/But not knowing

    I find myself here this morning, 3 years after discovering my husband and closest friend at the time had been together sexually. He swears it was...

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    Started by mcass

  • How do you know when the WS finally "GETS" it?

    My WS (H) had a 2-year emotional affair which started to turn physical 8 months before Dday with a mutual friend. Since Dday he has been very open...

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    Started by BrokenHearted

  • Confessions

    This is my personal experience in having an emotional affair. Now, before I start rambling on about feelings and emotions, I will explain the rather...

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    Started by Little_Pixie

  • I'm letting go

    I can feel mysel detaching from my affair partner, something has changed within me. Maybe it's the constant prayers to God to make me feel conviction...

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    Started by Jewell

  • Today is my wedding anniversary....

    Today is my 23rd wedding anniversary and almost 8 months since D-Day. I am filled with mixed emotions. The past 8 months have been the most...

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    Started by BrokenHearted

  • Anger is a moving target!

    I am 1 year from D-Day. My story is typical. My husband started being more distant, not interested in sex, aloof, and disconnected. He would...

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    Started by blyrobin51

  • Emotional Affair or Limerence - Whats the Difference?

    Hello All, I hope I'm right in telling my situation here... I have been with my WW for 12-years and married for 7, in November 2016 she started an...

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    Started by Mark

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